Buying a home can be a frustrating experience. You can spend months searching for the right property to meet your needs and speaking to lenders to obtain the funding, only to see hopes shattered when the result of the building survey for your dream home is not positive with a list of faults and defects which can make you jump out of the property purchase .

But buyers should not necessarily just walk away from the property after a bad survey – instead they should consider finding out how much repairs would be to fix thats where we come in !

We can  look at your homebuyers report and give you an expert opinion on how much these items will cost to repair , all you need to to is either meet us with the estate agent at the property so we can look at the items on your report .

Then supply you with a quote  to then go back to the vendor to discuss or carry out after purchase .

'Finally don’t be afraid to negotiate on the price, but keep it realistic. If the seller really wants to move they will have to accept their property has faults and will need to adjust the price accordingly.'

Our service does come with a fee --- but fully refundable once the work is carried out



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